ReLANPro Cloud & Class


An effective language teaching and learning environment - anywhere!

Designed specifically for language teachers, ReLANPro Cloud & Class allows teachers to connect with students wherever they may be.

Now students can learn from the language lab, classroom, library, coffee shop or couch - all they need is an Internet connection!

Stay connected outside the classroom
Teach students independent of time and place


Interaction within the classroom


Cut down on costs
No need for specialised language laboratory - use students'  laptops to create a virtual language lab and learning environment. No need for a costly server either, all student work can be saved on the ReLANPro Cloud.  That means not only can it be accessed from anywhere but you'll save on server storage, maintenance and administration too!
Collaborate and Communicate
Use live audio to communicate, to teach and assist students. From their own laptops, students can work with audio, video, written text and Internet resources. There's even an audio recorder for tablets and smartphones!
Manage the Computer Classroom
With ReLANPro's classroom management tools you can still manage all aspects of the computer classroom. Monitor and support students who need assistance, block & lock screens for attention, project your screen and give "live" audio instructions when something needs explaining.
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Interaction outside the classroom

Educate and Facilitate
  Provide students with recordings that they can access on their own devices, all they need is an Internet connection. Help students to prepare  by recording an explanation of an exercise or giving information on what you will be covering in the next class.
Customise Teaching Material
  Create your own teaching material from scratch or use teaching material you already have. It just needs to be uploaded once to the ReLANPro cloud server and it can be reused as many times as you need it!
Provide Feedback that Works
  Record feedback for a student at any point in their work. Correct pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary by inserting your own voice - feedback that students can really listen to! 
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Anytime, Any Place Teaching & Learning

Anytime Teaching & Learning
  Now teaching doesn't have to end when class is finished. With ReLANPro Cloud & Class you can create lesson and exercise materials that can be accessed any time. Upload lectures or class materials for students to continue learning when they leave the classroom. 
Anyplace Teaching & Learning

The language lab no longer has to be a fixed location! ReLANPro Cloud & Class lets you create your own language lab in any classroom. Bring - Your - Own - Device compatibility, or "BYOD", means you're not restricted to PCs (although, in case you're wondering ReLANPro Cloud & Class does work with PCs too!). Students can revise. complete homework and assignments from anywhere with an Internet connection.


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