ReLanPro Language Lab

ReLANpro Language Lab

ReLANpro Language Lab combines all the features of the ReLANpro CCM with advanced language laboratory functionality. Multiple pairing/conference activities to facilitate interaction and collaboration between students. Interaction in the target language is critical to acquisition; ReLANpro Language Lab provides the vehicle for meaningful oral and written communication in the digital classroom. Students work in pairs or groups to complete communicative task-based activities using the audio and visual pairing tools.

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Instant Record facility*

With the click of a button the teacher voice is recorded/saved and automatically date and time stamped. As language teacher you are students most reliable source.

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Gap creator*

Making all Windows© based audio and video material suitable for language lab use. Enables two track recording for instant use, playback and analysis at all times. Numerous varieties, like translating songs or comedies makes language learning fun.

Audio Pairing

With the click of a button the teacher can pair and group students together for conversational practice. Both fixed and random pairing are available. Paired audio communication can be recorded for later use, playback and analysis.

Group Conference

Up to four students can be connected in a video conference using Visual Pairing. Each person appears in a separate window and all can be viewed simultaneously – perfect for group interaction!

Oral examination*

The Student Recorder allows teachers to administer oral examination in the computer lab. Student recordings are saved as MP3 files.

visual pairing

ReLANpro can be installed onto the school’s existing server granting students access from any computer in the school’s network.

ReLANpro engages learners with a multimedia experience including audio and visual pairing, instant messaging, interactive visuals, text and video. Educators can easily incorporate authentic materials into their classroom, facilitate collaborative projects, and administer paperless testing and oral examination. ReLANpro is a tool that also allows teachers to manage their classroom. They can place students into pairs or groups to complete communicative task-based activities, control their access to select sites on the Internet for research, view student monitors remotely and provide assistance when needed by taking over their screen or sending audio-visual feedback.
* Invented and developed by the creators of ReLANpro





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