Computer Class Manager (CCM)

The ReLANpro CCM is the basic system of the ReLANpro Language lab. As standalone version it makes classroom management in the computer lab a breeze.

Teachers can supervise and interact with their students without ever having to leave their seat. The CCM saves time by helping the teacher to work more efficiently. They can quickly distribute activities, quizzes, tests, videos & other content, monitor student progress and assist students individually. With a click of a button, teachers can organize and save student work to the server or other portable drive for later review. Both students and the teacher can initiate one-on-one communication allowing them to interact without disturbing the rest of the class.

Central Teacher Station (creation and distribution center)Untitled
  • create and distribute files
  • converts analog materials (video and audio) to digital data to save or distribute
  • send audio, video and other authentic materials (external equipment hookup)
  • transmit presentations to each student
  • central software launch & shutdown
  • digital testing (multiple choice, short-answer, essay)
  • distribute the teacher’s screen to a single student, selected group of student or the entire class
Monitoring & Assistance   
  • teacher can view any student’s screen at any time
  • take control over the student’s computer to provide assistance or direction if needed
  • project a selected student’s screen to the rest of the class (modeling)
Two-way Interaction
  • the teacher and the student can contact each other by calling
  • the teacher can talk to a single student, selected group of student or the entire class
  • students are able to contact the teacher to ask a question or get help
Additional Controls
  • keyboard & mouse block
  • screen blank for attention
  • direct students to specific websites for research or review

ReLANpro CCM is a multidisciplinary platform for all subjects: science, history, maths, etc. ReLANpro CCM can be added to any Windows based computer lab improving the overall efficiency of the teacher by keeping the students organized and on task. Teachers are always in complete control of all class activities and can supervise multiple groups of student activities simultaneously.

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